Virtual Cooking Classes

Thank you for your interest in our virtual cooking classes! While we have the pandemic to thank for launching these classes, they are here to stay. We simply love cooking together with people in their own home kitchens, which allows us to connect with home cooks well beyond our hometown of New York City.


  • Our interactive, 90-minute cooking classes are $50 and include up to 12 households.
  • Once you register, you’ll be sent a link to our “Zoom kitchen,” and an ingredient + equipment list, so you know just how to prepare.
  • Your chef-instructor will have 2 camera angles spotlighted during the cooking class — 1 trained on their lovely face + 1 on their cutting board station + stovetop — so you will be able to see everything they’re doing.
  • You will ask questions directly to the chef-instructor, and our classes are designed to be very interactive.
  • We look forward to cooking with you from your kitchen!