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The chef John Scoff shows how to supreme an orange during a cooking class at Home Cooking New York. (Credit Tina Fineberg for The New York Times)

To Learn: Home Cooking Gets a Space of Its Own

Jennifer Clair started her cooking school, Home Cooking, in New York in 2002, with a branch in Beacon, N.Y. But it has taken until now for her to establish her own Manhattan setup, in a loftlike space in SoHo, instead of camping out in photo studios or sharing with other teachers. Her classes are for those who prefer an intimate, home-style setting (there were once many such schools in New York) rather than an institutional site. With no more than 10 students, she achieves a balance between demonstration and hands-on at a big square work table. She welcomes give-and-take and is in her element when covering the fundamentals of topics like fish cookery, bistro cooking, basic Mexican and even how to shop: Home Cooking New York, 158 Grand Street (Lafayette Street), Suite 206,–Florence Fabricant

Published in The New York Times, 4/8/2014